What if Product Hunt was packaged as a calendar?

Robinhood, Front, Honey, and over 145,000 other products have started on Product Hunt since its founding. Similar to Reddit, posts are upvoted by the community to give daily weekly and monthly winners.  Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of products launched each day there wasn’t an easy and fast way to catch up or quickly look back to find winners from previous months.

I challenged myself to design and build an online calendar bestofproducthunt.com to solve this problem and launched it back on Product Hunt, #meta 😆

“I've learned valuable information to improve my upcoming launch”

- PH commenter

The whole side project took about a month with no coding using Figma and Webflow. I learned how to build a custom CMS to import the CSV data from PH’s API, layout with CSS grid, how to create a tabbed menu, and a whole host of subtle UI animations and page transition techniques using Webflow’s Interactions feature.

Best of Product Hunt - A calendar of the most successful products launched in 2019 | Product Hunt Embed

It got a fantastic response from the PH community achieving the coveted Product of The Day award 🙌   Do you have a PH account? Please visit and upvote the project clicking the avatar image below.

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