Robinhood, Front, Honey, and over 145,000 other products have started on Product Hunt since its founding. Similar to Reddit, posts are upvoted by the community to give daily🥇 weekly🏅 and monthly 🏆winners.  Unfortunately, due to the sheer volume of products launched each day there wasn’t an easy and fast way to catch up or quickly look back to find winners from previous months.

I challenged myself to design and build an online calendar bestofproducthunt.com to solve this problem and launched it back on Product Hunt. #meta 🤓

“ I've learned valuable information to improve my upcoming launch”
- PH commenter

The whole side project took about a month with no coding using Figma and Webflow. I learned how to build a custom CMS to import the CSV data from PH’s API, layout with CSS grid, how to create a tabbed menu, and a whole host of subtle UI animations and page transition techniques using Webflow’s Interactions feature.
It’s since gotten a fantastic response from the PH community achieving Product of The Day award 🙌   Do you have a PH account? Please upvote the project via the link below.

Best of Product Hunt - A calendar of the most successful products launched in 2019 | Product Hunt Embed