Taking Tempo out of beta

Tempo is the email client for mac designed to help remove distractions and help you focus. The team had been running in Beta for the past year, racking up over 12,000 users organically on the freemium.  I was brought in to help them setup and launch the paid plans to leave the beta phase and prepare for scale.

Demo video. I provided the script, voice over, and edit.

“The only way to fix email is to fix our insecurity, neediness, and faux sense of urgency.”

David Pierce @ Wired

My role sat between product and marketing and I wore many hats in a hands-on autonomous remote role reporting to the CEO.  I got to help refine the design of the iOS experience, define the product roadmap for subscriptions, setup price plans, run the  first paid ad campaigns, creative direction, copywriting and asset creation, change analytics provider, QA testing, outline the 2021 marketing strategy and help with positioning for future investment.


Product and marketing

Launch paid subscriptions
2021 marketing strategy
Setup first influencer partnerships
iOS UI/UX design
Product demo intro video
Manage community manager