Scrimba 2

Scrimba is a subscription-based code teaching platform with over 1 million users worldwide. The unique underlying technology (scrim) allows users to stop a teacher’s screen recording anytime and directly edit the code they see.

After several years of growth targeting aspiring junior developers (I was originally contracted to create the 1.0 brand), the company embarked on a complete rewrite and redesign to position themselves for capturing an even larger share of the market. 

Graphic using Scrimba logo

“What will you build.”

– New tagline.

New Scrimba logo
The vision for Scrimba 2 is to provide even more ways to learn through writing code (building) and evolve to become an evergreen platform for developers of all levels looking to upskill and grow throughout their career.

The brand was to change from quirky and colorful to professional and slick with a nod to the history of CS and video games – the logo was inspired by Game of Life and Tetris.

The decision also meant sunsetting the traditional “storefront’ homepage in favour of a more direct one-to-one user experience similar to landing on Youtube or Twitch.
Screen design for Scrimba course pageDesign iteration for a course page layout.
MoodboardBrand Moodboard
There would also be a clearer distinction between brand and product, with branded elements used more in marketing and promotional materials, and less directly inside the app where the vibe would be utilitarian and sparse.
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Profile on YouTube

Hybrid role covering brand, design, marketing, communication and strategy.
DELIVERABLES Logo, tagline, visual brand direction, email design, user personas, slide templates, promo videos and animated graphics, design iterations (UX/UI) on MVP, special projects: affiliate and influencer program.