TYCA1 is a self initiated creative outlet to explore Web3 and emerging technology in the digital art space.

In Feb 2021 during the first NFT hype-cycle that culminated in Beeple selling his “Everydays: The First 5000 Days“ at Christie’s auction house for $69M and simultaneously the Wallstreetbets #GME Stonks movement, TYCA1 began releasing designs that sought to subvert the web3 zeitgeist with 90s and early 00s pop culture.
Subway train car covered in graffiti about crypto and stonks
“Ride to the Moon”

Bitcoin written like Nikon logo
Metaverse written like the London Underground
JPEG written like the Love statue
Animated cube like N64 but spelling NFT
Super Degen written like Super Mario
Pixel art gravestone with twitter checkmark
Metaverse written like Patagonia
NFTV written like MTV
Satoshi Nakamoto usual suspects mug
Metaverse designed like VHS cover