What if you could buy ads on news sites from your FB page?

Compared to social media, advertising with news media is notoriously slow, difficult and expensive. Solo is a simple ad product built to help SMB advertisers promote their social media content and campaigns through inventory available across local news websites – opening up a new revenue stream for publishers and helping them compete with the duopoly.
The functional MVP was launched in 12 weeks and the fully self service release in entry market was complete 24 weeks later. This process included hiring new team members, completing quantative and qualatative market research and forming sales partnerhips.  For the full case study check out my Medium post.
Google supported the project with financing from their Digital News Initiative and it was awarded seal of excellence by the European Commission for their Horizon 2020 program.  
Make programmatic media buying easy and accessible for marketers of SMBs

Open up new revenue stream for local publishers

60 second introduction to using the product

Returning users completed new campaign orders within 80 seconds of logging in.


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