What if banner inventory was used to host content?

Nobody likes banners, so we reinvented them using content. Here’s the promo for our ad builder that enables advertisers to transform their paid, owned and earned (UGC) media content into next generation banner ads – Content Display Ads. 

Enable publishers to offer content amplification to compete with social networks

Increase engagement with banner ad inventory

The campaign manager dashboard. Ads can be built in minutes and are easily exported to a variety of ad server servers for programmatic media distribution. A comprehensive analyics page documents every interaction with an ad unit  once they are live.

This carousel unit for Ford updates when new content is posted from their stand at the CES conference in Las Vegas. Below, Amazon Studios and Swiss Air ads using content from respective social media channels, press and blogs.

I gave a presentation at the Digital Innovators’ Summit in Berlin infront of leading news publishers telling the story of the electric car and how it eerily relates to the challenges faced by the news publishing industry.


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